Romance MD: Always on Call Review – Takado route

hello my dear tsuntsun >:)

Let me preface this review by saying that I like Voltage for its original pay for route payment model. When I started to see love choice appear that’s when my horrors all come to life.

What is Love Choice?

For those of you who haven’t played Voltage/Love 365 games before basically it’s an app with a collection of different games with different stories and characters that typically consist of a character’s main stories, sequels, epilogues, season 2’s, etc. Typically if you were to play a route it might be available in two ways:

  1. Available on free rotation: Voltage cycles 2-3 free playable main stories around each month which allow you to read the first season main story of a character. It allows you to try out characters which you were still on the hinge about playing or buying stories for and also a way for free to play users to not have to use any money
  2. Buying the story: Typically a main story costs around $4.99 if you have no collected their daily currency of “coins” which is otherwise 300 coins and the amount of chapters you get consist of 16-21 chapters(?). The gameplay takes up to 2-3 hours to complete.

Now what is Love Choice?

Love Choice is a new system in which you don’t collectively pay for the route of the character you are playing for.

How much did I pay for this route?

I don’t like to have to consistently pay for a route while I’m playing it so I have only played through one Love Choice game and have saved my “hearts” ever since. I started with around 30 or so hearts and as I wanted to fully and satisfactorily finish the game I paid around $23 to complete the rest of it — left with 800 coins left over so technically I only had to pay around $15 but I know that I want to pick up some stories later this month so I got a head start.

Was the story worth its cost?

Before I get to main crux of this review, I want to first address the price of the route for what I got. If I had not saved up the amount that I had the story would’ve been around $18 in total for 4-5 hours of game play. Just let that sink in for a bit. If this was the original payment model I would’ve been able to play at least 3 characters with an additional short story allowing me to play for at least 8-10 hours. Did I know what I was getting into when I started this route? Yup, but the premise of the game seemed interesting enough, and the quality of the story is indeed superb imo. HOWEVER, I don’t think this price justifies for the LENGTH of the story and the value you get. Do I think that this story is worth more than a typical love 365 main story? YES! In fact I think this might be my new favorite series to get into and I’m looking forward to the other characters (despite the heavy cost). I have to say that it was partly my fault for wanting to always choose to use hearts in each choice, however, I’m a completionist and really don’t want to miss any meaningful moments that would affect the route’s romantic developments. At most, I would pay $10 for this story but realistically would LIKE to pay $8. If we compare this game to other games such as Nameless which is currently around $30 on steam I spent only a small fraction of the time that I did with Nameless. (I spent around 20+ hours with Nameless). Voice acting can attribute to this discrepancy of time spent but that’s also one of the greatest points towards the comparison: THERE IS NO VOICE ACTING. So where is this extra cost coming from?

Now I’m ranting about Love Choice (and Voltage seems to be having a lot of restructuring behind the scenes going on but that’s another story…), yet I’m also reviewing Romance MD and you might be wondering why tf I dropped my money if I hate it so much.

Why did I start this route?

  1. I was intrigued by the prologue and the MC of the game as she seemed to have a very spunky and non pushover personality. All the characters seemed to be pretty interesting and the humor hooked me in.
  2. Was surprised by the increase of chapters from 16-21 chapters to 29/30 chapters
  3. Just wanted to try something new. I definitely enjoyed it a lot more than other franchises as I felt that the characters had a more gradual and realistic development in their relationship and will elaborate a little more later.
  4. I liked that as soon as you got in to the first chapter of a route they gave you a little preview of what you were going to see in the route and it piqued my interest


Soundtrack – 9/10

No voice acting for this game but holy shit did Voltage step up on the background, sound effects and music for this game. Everything was on a tee from the dramatic moments and to the comedic effects. Gave it a 9/10 for the sheer comparison to other Voltage games and for the expectation of mobile games of this type.


You’re in your third year of residency and are assigned to the hospital’s ELITE department filled with tons of hot guys despite her protests. Our MC is your INTELLECTUAL INDEPENDENT woman who doesn’t have time for men, at least not for real life men. (wow relatable) MC is actually a huge shoujo Manga enthusiast and honestly makes many otome/shoujo references that are so relatable and that I couldn’t help but laugh at. One of the reasons I love this MC is because she does not back down and that she knows when to apologize and learn from her mistakes. She is definitely not DUMB and frequently displays her thought process throughout the game as she tries to think situations through which I love. I was really happy because I could SEE her as a doctor and her knowledge was on par to all the other characters. Of course this is her third year as a resident so if anything I was EXPECTING her to be on top of her knowledge by now. Out of all the voltage MC’s I’ve played as so far this MC has to be the top of the top 10/10 my favorite one. AND SHE ACTUALLY HAS A FACE! Anyways this game is about MC dealing with her assigned mentor as we find out that no one actually wants to mentor her so the chief Kasumi, decides to assign someone to her and for this route we are assigned to….

*semi spoilers*

Takado – 8.5/10

Takado is the hardass and major asshole of the group and has the title of being a “murderer”. His route mostly deals with diving into his background of being called a “murderer” and resolving that chapter of his life. He’s a major tsun tsun and hits MC’s head and calls her idiot WAY TOO MUCH. The route starts off with MC disagreeing that she can learn anything from Takado as she disagrees with his methods of dealing with patients. She is appalled by how disconnected he is with the patients her performs on and believes that he is not as invested in ensuring that his patients are alright with their procedures as they are supposed to. She doesn’t see him working hard and simply thinks that he thinks everything is a chore when in fact he works the hell out of himself. No I’m serious, he literally uses his days off to stay in the on-call room and study medical journals and I just have to wonder how he keeps sane and can dedicate his personal time to his job 24/7. He is what I call a major workaholic. As MC discovers this new side to her lovely mentor she realizes the value that she has from learning from him and builds respect for him as a doctor. She, despite his protests, is dedicated to learning everything she can from him and starts to stay closely attached to him as what they describe as a tick. She keeps a journal of his daily activities which mainly consist of useless informations such as how many times he called her an idiot and him trying to run away from her– TOO BAD MC IS A TRACK STAR and is FAST AF. At one point while Takado finally lets her help him and gives her “homework” she makes a key to decode his handwriting as it’s absolutely abysmal. The other doctors are impressed by her work and Kasumi (the usually cold and quiet one) approves as he photocopies the key for his personal use, despite Takado’s protests. As the story continues MC gradually learns to respect Takado and gets on his good side. MC slowly crawls into his heart (and her heart too despite her desire to only love her BELOVED PRINCE SEKAI) and she helps him to heal and face old wounds from the past. It was an enjoyment to see MC and Takado become a TEAM – although they bicker a lot it was so heartwarming because you could tell that they are both really driven and honestly crazy workaholics that are PERFECT for each other. 8.5 was given as Takado’s story was a perfect start to the series for me but want to leave room for what’s to come in the franchise.

Final Thoughts: I genuinely loved the shit out of this game. I’ve never laughed so much in a route and the amount of chemistry between all the characters was just flying off the roof. I had the expectation that since this game was in a residency/surgeon setting it would actually be cringe however I got something completely different. I found myself covering my mouth to stifle my laughter during my commute to work and honestly I was just HAPPY to play the route the entire time. I was really happy to see that MC wasn’t a sucker for Takado right off the bat and was able to develop an understanding with him over time through good and well spoken arguments with each other. She knows how to speak and push someone’s buttons but also knows when to back down and realize her mistakes. There were plenty of uwu moments and I genuinely felt engaged. The doctor, Ekuni is literally Elizabeth from Gintama with his plaque cards!! I genuinely was not expecting plaque cards to appear in the sprite art but it happened!!! and the comedic effect was perfect!!!! Another thing I was really surprised by was the level of visual effects that the game had to offer in comparison to the other franchises in the app. There were a lot off “pop up texts” that indicated a shift in the scene and made the transitions very smooth. It honestly makes me think of a more typical PS Vita otome game experience in comparison to the normal non flashy non system oriented mobile otome games we usually get. Takado was not a unique character, however, his chemistry with the MC really did drive his bond and plot in the story.

Will I continue playing?:

Yeah. I got sucked into their plan. I’m really interested in playing Kasumi’s route but also the other doctors seem so fun too. Apparently another route for Hosho is coming soon so I’ll definitely be playing that! I’m a little worried though because I’ll miss Takado’s constant bickering with MC D:

What’s Next?:

It’s been a while since my last post but in that time frame I finished all of fire emblem three houses except for the church route (heh). I think I’m going to take my time and write about my first experience with the game (which I love and totally recommend right off the bat)!! YAHOO! Gonna write about some of the other things I did and we’ll see what else comes along the way :^). September is a busy month as I return back to school and looking for jobs but have to give myself time to breath!! I played this month’s voltage free routes (skipped last month’s because was not interested at ALL) which included Yosuke from Paradise and Namba from Her Love In the Force. Not to say too much but Yosuke was a big disappointment for me and at this point I have to say that I don’t understand anyone’s hype for that franchise aksdfhsdf but on the other hand Namba. OH. MY BOI. NAMBA. Needless to say I bought his S2. LMAO. A reoccurring trend I’ve been noticing is the overly sexualized franchises in the Love 365 series don’t catch my eyes. I feel like they always over exaggerate so much on the sexual tension and it results in no emotional bond. In general themes with fwb or one night stands seemingly always seem to be poorly executed for me in the franchise or the MC just doesn’t seem to be the one that clicks for those types of games. WOOO. Anyways I’m going to stop there and say thanks for reading! 🙂

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